With a fully automated, state of the art facility featuring the latest in advanced machinery and high-tech software, Garwood Metal provides the quick turnaround services you need at the cost-effective price you want, with offerings including:

Laser Cutting: Our precision, high-powered laser cutting systems programmed and operated by experts ensure the greatest accuracy from simple to intricate cuts.
Metal Fabrication: During fabrication we put it all together, doing whatever it takes to create the size and shape you need, from bending and forming to assembly.
Metal Polishing: Whether through polishing or buffing, we will achieve the exact finish that you want on both interior and exterior surfaces.
Metal Plating: The final step in the fabrication process, plating protects your components from corrosion and gives them a beautiful sheen.
Powder Coating: Environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to traditional liquid painting

At Garwood Metal, we have the capacity and expertise to take on any sheet metal manufacturing or finishing project. With on-staff engineers ready to design your parts from just a sketch and dimensions, we are committed to providing you with the one-on-one attention and personalized service you deserve.






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