Our capabilities

With a fully automated, state of the art facility featuring the latest in advanced machinery and high-tech software, Garwood Metal provides the quick turnaround services you need at the cost-effective price you want, with offerings including:

  • Excellent capacity for high volume production
  • Equipped for small quantity prototyping
  • Over 50 tons of most commonly used metals in most gauges in stock
  • Access to specialty metals in 24 hours
  • On-staff engineers ready to design your parts from just a sketch and dimensions

Follow the links below to learn more about our metalworking capabilities.


Laser Cutting

Our precision, high-powered laser cutting systems programmed and operated by experts ensure the greatest accuracy from simple to intricate cuts. Read More


During fabrication we put it all together, doing whatever it takes to create the size and shape you need, from bending and forming to assembly. Read More


Whether through polishing or buffing, we will achieve the exact finish that you want on both interior and exterior surfaces. Read More


The final step in the fabrication process, plating protects your components from corrosion and gives them a beautiful sheen. Read More